Meet the 'OOoo' Family! Yes, that's how we look like when we stand side by side. We love eating and are passionate about food. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that I do not know (and have no desire to learn) how to cook as we have the perfect excuse to dine out! Food Glorious Food!

My online diary which I have kept since 2007 (migrated to this from a 2005 version).

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10 KM EGGS: 24 JAN TO 17 FEB

I can't believe the number of smoochums I hatched during the Valentine's event. On a happier note, I had great luck with lapras this period. Total count: 10 snorlaxes, 7 lapras (all hatched, 5 tier 1). I was a wee bit upset when Gen 2 was introduced as I had maxed my top lapras to 2.7k+ HP. When Gen 2 was rolled out, my Lapras' HP was dwarfed. It stands at 2.4k HP now.Spun four 10km eggs yesterday. 2 today. Cant wait!



1st Day of their launch and these were what I caught/evolved. And yes, my 2 togepi were hatched right after the Valentine's day event which led me to togetic! What irony, because togepi was the most elusive monster for me, yet togetic decided to be launched together with it's Gen 2 buddies.

Thanks to the Valentine's Day event, I managed to hatch 2 Tier 1 Chanceys, and along with the others, I managed to get enough candies for ....

I have reached the halfway mark of level 35. The next lap isn't going to get any easier.

When I first started playing the game, Muk and Alakazam were the most difficult creatures to obtain because grimer and abra were terribly difficult to catch or hatch. But through recent hatches, I now have ....



We used to rank Pan Pacific's in-room dining food  below Mandarin Orchard's, but in recent months, Pan Pacific Singapore had slowly improved on their in-room dining food quality. Their chicken rice,  baked sea perch (amazing red wine sauce with stir fried veggies), 4 cheese pizza, fried chicken wings and 2 desserts tasted amazing!



We reached Simpang Bedok at 8am but Lau Lim meepok was closed, so we headed over to Ah Lim Mee Pok. We ordered their $8.50 bowl of mee kia with abalone and prawn and was told there is a surcharge of $1 for that day. Prices are back to normal on day 4. Cow and I were pleasantly surprised by the quality here. Firm noodles to our liking. Good mix of chilli (less spicy than Lau Lim) and the soup that came with our bowl of noodles was utterly sweet! Perhaps they used the soup which they used to cook the abalones? It was tasty all right. Only drawback was the tiny portion... or maybe we were just too hungry *lol*

Fish Mart Sakuraya for dinner.



Lunch at Ah Hoi's Kitchen for 8 of us. Poor Dad suffered loss of appetite and felt nauseated the whole week after his Doctor increased the dosage of his oral chemo drug. He said every dish tasted sweet to him. Last year, when he was having IV chemo, food tasted either bitter or metallic. Hope his appetite improves. 

I forgot to snap a pix of the delish crabmeat noodle because I was busy stuffing my face *lol*



I truly enjoyed my brunch today, am already planning a return visit.

Sticky Tempeh with shoyu with caramel. Some folks would cringe at this pairing, but surprisingly, it works! I could also be biased because I love my tempehs alot *LOL*

Signature Hokubee Don V2. A new item on their menu which builds on their highly popular V1. There's nothing I dislike in this bowl, in fact, I wish there were more!

Greedy me went ahead to order a dessert because hey, this is brunch for me, so I am entitled to eat more *lol* Ordered an Italian Gorgonzola. The friendly wait staff politely asked if I am ok with blue cheese. I told him I am fine with it. The blue cheese may sound weird with ice-cream, but a little of it goes a long way.  Strangely, the fragrant vanilla ice-cream and apple crumbles worked well with a tiny bit of blue cheese for the aroma of blue cheese enhanced the flavours actually. I did not finish the blue cheese in the end. Although I liked this dessert,  I find some may find the blue cheese a turn-off.

Nice cosy place tucked inside a furniture store. Nice way to spend a quiet afternoon.




Our first time here. I have mixed reviews for the food here though I did read rave reviews online. We ordered 2 dishes that we are very familiar with, ginger onion venison and tom yum soup. The venison meat was a tad overcooked though the gravy was excellent. Tom Yum soup tasted sourish that's all, hardly any flavours involved. Ingredients were very fresh I must say. Love the stir fried spicy lala ! The pumpkin gravy tofu had a rather soggy exterior . I was actually hoping it would be crispy so as to contrast against the soft tofu. The pumpkin gravy was pretty diluted, hence quite forgettable. The best dish of the meal was their cold chicken and celery salad. Portion was generous while the tasty chicken meat and crunchy celery made an excellent combo. Orr nee was good but I hated the watery and gluey coconut sauce. It did zilch for the dessert. The aloe vera or lemon jelly dessert was alright, nothing to shout about.



This year's Lunar New year is a special one for us since we learnt about my Dad's leukemia last May. That day crushed all hopes for us when we learnt about his acute leukemia. The prognosis given was 3 to 6 months without treatment, and even with treatment, things do not look so rosy given there was the presence of Philadelphia chromosomes to complicate matters. After 7 months of moderate chemo (due to his old age) where he spent most of his time in hospital last year, the leukemia had not totally gone away. His latest DNA bone marrow report (some complicated test which required 2 weeks to cultivate) showed the presence of 0.11% of the cancer cells. So all is not clear at the moment. We are happy with this result given it was 20% when he was first diagnosed. We are thankful he is around to celebrate Lunar New Year with us this year and for the next few years (Yes, one has got to be optimistic)  CARPE DIEM!! So Yes! We are ready to celebrate Lunar New Year, no muted celebrations but go all out to celebrate LIFE.



We brought the kids along this time round after checking out the place few days earlier. We had to be sure there are stuff the kids will like before bringing them here. We paid $60 to $80 ( cannot recall exact amount) for their membership card which entitles us to 10% discount for future visits.  We were also given $70 worth of vouchers but only 1 pc is to be used for each visit. Well, they need to encourage return visits right? Cow ordered plain rice for adults while the kids had their duck fried noodles. Kids loved the fragrant noodle but I thought it was a tad oily but it was extremely flavourful.

Cow ordered a large portion of their Jinling roast duck because there are more of us and the meat turned out more tender than our previous visit! As usual, the kids stuffed themselves with more duck *haha* The 2 different dumplings taste pretty average, nothing to shout about. Their panfried dumpling and fried fish with sesame seeds turned out to be very forgettable. We thought the kids will enjoy the 'fish & chips' but they said it was not very tasty. Fully concur on that. Cow ordered 2 servings of their deep fried duck spring roll, when the 4 pcs arrived, we were shocked. Each spring roll was huge, almost double of those normal ones. Kids did not like the duck meat with chives combo. Even I felt 1 spring roll is too filling. The 一桶鲜 seafood milky soup failed to excite us though I must commend them for the most tender fish ball I have ever eaten.

Some hits and misses (again) this visit.



This mesmerising piece of beauty was the reason I made a pitstop at the Lancome counter on 1st Jan 2017. I was told customers must spend at least $150 on other products (inclusive of 1 item from their Spring collection) before they are allowed to get it. Hence I had to purchase the La Parisian lippie pen , Genifique and a foaming cleanser just to get my hands on this beauty.

Lancome's Gorgeous Rose reminded me of Laduree's face colour except the latter came in loose petals and functions as a blusher while Lancome's version came in a solid whole flower and works as a shimmery pearly highlighter. I stared at it for the longest time when I got home. Too captivating, too alluring.